Polycrystalline Synthetic Cutting Materials

CVD Diamond for Machining

LFCT is a synthetic diamond film specially modified for use in cutting tools with a geometrically defined cutting edge. The CVD process produces free-standing, polycrystalline “wafers” with a 99.9 % diamond content.
For use in cutting tools, the raw plates are ground and polished on the fine substrate side (Ra ≤ 30 nm). Cutting to the desired geometric shapes (rounds, triangles, rectangular shapes) and drawing-specific dimensions is carried out thermally by laser processing.

Like our “Premium CVD” for dressing purposes (LCDF), the LFCT exhibits transparency. This results from the very low proportion of graphitic carbon bonds in the crystal lattice and demonstrates the high quality of the diamond film.

Benefits of LFCT

  • Excellent hardness and wear resistance
  • Very high thermal conductivity (corresponds to that of natural diamond)
  • Very low coefficient of friction on the polished cutting edge
  • Chemically inert to solvents or coolants

Polycrystalline Synthetic Cutting Materials

Data & facts

Square LFCT base plate26x26 mm
Standard thicknesses [mm]0,3 / 0,5 / 0,8 / 1,0
Tolerance thickness [mm]+/- 0,03
Substrate side polishedgrowth side lapped on request
Chemical composition100% carbon
Chemical resistancechemically inert
Density [g/cm³] 3,515
Vickers hardness [kg/mm²]8000
Thermal stability800° C
Thermal conductivity [W/mK]> 800
Electrical conductivitynon-conductive

Other thicknesses on request.
On request, we can supply customised laser-cut tips.

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